Victorian Edwardian 9ct Rose Gold Double Sided Photo Locket


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Victorian Edwardian 9ct Rose Gold Double Sided Photo Locket  in GR8 condition , tight & perfect. Looks Far Better in Person than pics.

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This is a Gorgeous Piece , a Particularly Attractive  Victorian Edwardian 9ct Rose Gold Double Sided Photo Locket   in Totally Original Untouched Condition.

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Even the Two Original Photo’s are Still Retained within their frames!  I Would assume that they may either be of a Son & Husband Or a Husband in Military Uniform & the same gentleman some years later?   I am unsure.   I can never help but wonder ……….  when I see early photographs such as these , what happened to that person …………. did they have an Amazing life , a hard life an unfortunate life??   Another soul , captured in a fleeting

moment of their life , their interesting Amazing hard & perhaps unfortunate life – Perhaps an Important life even  , aiding the betterment of mankind …………… will someone , totally unknown & unrelated to me – be holding a photograph , in 100 years from today – of me ,  asking the same questions??  I’ll never know , lol.

That type of thinking & similar , from those amongst us that can ‘relate too’ the above type view point ….. those that appreciate the Preferred Beauty of Antique Jewellery Far behond what contempory jewellery can offer ,  “you” Will appreciate the restrained Beauty of this Great Victorian Edwardian 9ct Rose Gold Double Sided Photo Locket  ~   Never made to Be Ostentatious ~ More Restrained Style  ~ yet with Obviously Quality!

With Not Only Excellent Condition  But Also Original Condition that this Attractive Rose Gold Locket Remains in   ~~   To The Obvious Antique Aesthetic Appearance   ~~   This is a Superior Example of a Late 19thC / early 20thC 9ct Gold Dbl Sided photo Locket!            Naturally , one expects to see a “superior price ~  to match a superior quality piece”   …………………..  That is Simply a Basic Requisite of Owning Superior Quality Items Or Items

of a Superior Condition etc ….. paying More for the better pieces!                     Fortunately that basic rule does  Not apply 100% of the Time , Especially at  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery    &   This Fantastic Antique Gold Locket is an Excellent example at hand.   Priced at around 60% of what Most Capital City Shops would Sell It for!!      @  au$495   ~   It Must Be Regarded as a Genuine Bargain!

Beautifully Hallmarked   ~   Both Photo Frames are Solid & Tight & Fit Beautifully & I believe , have Rarely been opened at all!     With an Attractive scrolled loop to attach a chain to the top , this is a Great piece to Add YOUR PHOTO’s   of Your Loved One’s ……. The Whole Concept is a Fantastic Thing , in my opinion.    Very Easy To Remove & Replace with Your Photo’s.

This Fine Victorian Edwardian 9ct Rose Gold Double Sided Photo Locket  Has Not been Polished & Retains a Beautiful patina.   It can be gently Polished to suit , if required.     This is a Genuinely Beautiful Piece of Antique Jewellery & is Also Genuinely  1/2  of What Others Sell These for ….. not ask for ~ but actually sell them for!

If you have any questions regarding this Gorgeous Antique 9ct Gold Locket , please email or cll  04488 ~ 64015 for a prompt response …….. This is 1 Piece that shouldn’t last too long at ONLY  au$495 …… LESS than HALF OF WHAT OTHERS CHARGE ………..  What Are YOU Waiting For!?