Victorian Paper Mache’ Tea Caddy


Fine Victorian Paper Mache’ Tea Caddy  in Original condition;  Excellent Value!  c1860’s.


What a great example of a Victorian Paper Mache’ Tea Caddy  c1860’s  this one is!

In fantastic original condition   ~   &  try Not to forget that   ~~   this is around 150 years old!

The hinges are Original.      ~~      The Lock , male ~ female , is Original.      ~~      The Lid’s are Original.      ~~      The Mother of Pearl Handles are Original   As is the feet & the lining to the two divisions which holds the tea. {Never place tea in these now!!}

The hand painted decoration  &  the Mother of Pearl inlay are still bright , colourful & vibrant & looks absolutely Fantastic , as per photo’s.

This Lady holds her age Extremely Well!

Made just before the tax was reduced {again} when tea became far more widely taken by ‘most classes’  due to being much more affordable    ~~   Fine Tea caddies were still being produced by the leading cabinet shops throughout the United Kingdom & many other nations.

This fine example of a Victorian Paper Mache’ Tea Caddy  from the 1860’s  is testament to why they such pieces have been continuously admired & collected for 300+ years.

With a combination of hand made & ‘modern technology’  this attractive antique tea caddy is another example of one of many ‘crossroads’ in human history when progress & change leaves behind ‘something significant in cultural history’.      It wasn’t too many years after this that fine tea caddies became a rarity rather than staple.

This Handsome  Victorian Paper Mache’ Tea Caddy  from the 1860’s  is yet Another great piece  ~  being offered at a  Genuinely Great Price!

We are happy to pack & send this fine caddy to you & am experienced at doing so.    Please request details if required.       Yet  @  Just  au$699    ~~   I wouldn’t be waiting too long on this one!

Approx;  230mm  –   9 in:   It is a good size tea caddy  & of excellent proportions   ~   unlike some made in the 1870’s 1880’s.