Victorian Ruby Diamond 14ct Gold Halo Ring c1890


Engagement Ring certainty is this Stunning Victorian Ruby Diamond 14ct Gold Halo Ring c1890’s!  A superior example of an antique ruby & diamond engagement ring , especially at the price of au$2,275.
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A Cracking Victorian Ruby Diamond 14ct Gold Halo Ring c1890 in original condition  &   an ideal engagement ring as well.

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The mainstay of this truly beautiful little ring is without doubt the beautifully coloured and Untreated Natural Ruby!      A rare feature indeed in rings within anywhere near the price of this especially pretty ring.

Coming to you from the tail end of the century before the last century   ~    circa 125 years ago    ~    This Classic 19thC Ruby & Diamond Halo Ring will make an ideal engagement ring to those with an eye for real beauty ,  charm ,  character & without doubt  ~  Value for money.

IF You are the lady that prefers quality, substance & style   ~   over bling , short lived fashions & ostentatious jewellery  >>>>>>>>>>>>  Well I would suggest that this quality Victorian Ruby Diamond 14ct Gold Halo Ring c1890 with beautifully coloured Untreated natural Ruby is certainly worthy of your consideration.

Making a perfect engagement ring ,  one of history , class & charm  ~  this is ideal as an engagement ring for the lady with taste & style!

With the quality earth mined natural Ruby being approx;  .30ct  with  a further  .45cts of rose cut & earth mined diamonds ,   an approx; total of  .75cts of natural untreated gemstones  ~  this charmer of a 125 year old Ruby & Diamond Ring has plenty of substance  ~  on top of the looks!

The flower head is around 10mms wide with a ring size of  “Q” in Oz or U.K. size  and  “8.5” in  U.S. size   ~  there will be no issues with re-sizing this one.

Note how bright & clean the rose cut diamonds are ,  they have been well selected to do justice to the high grade natural Ruby.   Together they lift each other & also lift the actual ring above the vast majority of antique ruby diamond gold rings on the market today at any price around the au$2k we have on this bespoke Victorian Ruby Diamond 14ct Gold Halo Ring c1890 ring!

Some rings just have that  “it factor” ,  being hard or impossible to define yet something that all ladies hope that their jewellery does indeed have.       This Victorian Ruby Diamond 14ct Gold Halo Ring c1890 with beautifully coloured Untreated natural Ruby has “IT”  in spades.

As a great deal of the stock in trade at  HOBART TOWN ANTIQUE JEWELLERY  &  VINTAGE WATCHES  is priced to represent some of the Best Value in Australia ,  without exaggeration ,   we are not about to change that pricing strategy anytime soon …………  let alone with this stunning antique ruby & diamond ring.

Priced to peak the interest of any & all ladies that admire & appreciate Quality Antique Ruby jewels  >>>>>>   at  au$2,275   <<<<<<

This circa 125 year old stunner is a no brainer as to value for money!   Just compare to what you will need to pay elsewhere in Oz.       Yet make sure that you are comparing “apples to apples”  in as much as >>>>>  equal quality Untreated natural Ruby , in an Authentic antique 14ct gold ring with brilliant rose cut diamonds  ~  or as close too as possible.

You will find average Copies of this ring close to this price ………… Yet you will not find too many , If any ,  of This Quality , Period & Condition  ~  with an untreated natural Ruby of fine colour  ~  not at this price!

After viewing the numerous “real images”  {15 infact} and comparing the prices that you would need to pay elsewhere in Oz ,  If you then have any questions to ask or if you would like to purchase this superior example of a fine Victorian Ruby Diamond 14ct Gold Halo Ring c1890’s  with  beautifully coloured ,  Untreated natural Ruby & rose cut dia’s ,   please email for a prompt response ….. Yet at this price I would not put it off for too long.


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