Victorian Ruby Diamond 18ct Gold Cruciform Antique Ring


This Victorian Ruby Diamond 18ct Gold Cruciform Antique Ring is a beautiful and authentic 19thC Ruby & Diamond ring with the design that “suits any hand perfectly”.
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What a gorgeous ,  character filled Victorian Ruby Diamond 18ct Gold Cruciform Antique Ring this one is.

Of the 1,000’s and 1000’s of various antique rings designs , styles and variations   ~   it s quite often the less decorated , less flashy , more hand made looking rings that have the most character , charm & beauty even.

This Gorgeous Antique Ruby Diamond Gold Cruciform Victorian Ring is one such ring!

Such beautifully coloured natural Ruby’s  ~  plus the Hand Made charm and character …..  combined with the rose cut diamonds in such a “perfect design” for a woman’s hand   ~   this Victorian Ruby Diamond 18ct Gold Cruciform Antique Ring is one seriously fine ring!

As you can see from the image showing the ring on hand ,  it is a well proportioned good size ring  ~  without being overly large or ostentatious at approx;  12 mms  x  9 mms.
Being a relatively low set ring ,  it an be worn fairly much anywhere at anytime.
Yet in saying that ,  I never recommend that any quality jewellery be worn while submerging hands in dish washing , surfing or swimming pools etc.

The central Ruby is an *estimated at  .25ct’s  ~  with a total of  .55ct’s of natural diamonds and Rubies to this very appealing 19thC antique ring!
{*once gems are set , their carat weight can only be estimated}

The hand made charm and character of the ring is obvious and is something that attracts hundreds of millions of people over the globe to antique jewellery & antiques in general   …….  something that modern jewellery simply cannot provide ,  no matter how hard contemporary jewellers try!

With  ‘rub over’ set diamonds and ruby’s ,  in st.silver mounts ,  as per ‘the norm of the day’ ,  every single aspect of this character filled antique ring being exactly ‘as it should be’  ~  there are no negatives or issues with this stunner!

The faceted & Beautifully coloured natural rubies ,  with a rose cut diamond either side  and the undeniable charm and character that a quality 130/140 year old Hand Made ring can’t help but radiate!
With the use of 18ct gold & the above ,  all combine to make this handsome antique ring both a fine quality ring yet also a beautifully attractive ring that radiates charm , character and an obvious “antiqueness”  to the viewer of this special ruby & diamond ring!!

The basic design of this ring suits / matches the human finger perfectly!
When created to good proportions , by a talented hand  ~  using fine gemstones and then come back around 140 years later  ……… and you will have a superb Hand Made Victorian Ruby Diamond 18ct Gold Cruciform Antique Ring !!

Finger size etc added shortly.

A truly feminine ring!

If you would like to ask any questions about this gorgeous Victorian Ruby Diamond 18ct Gold Cruciform Antique Ring ,  please email for a prompt reply.

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