Vintage 18ct Gold Quality Bow Style Earrings


Superior Quality   Vintage 18ct Gold Quality Earrings  in GR8 condition.    Reasonably large scale earrings that have been extremely well made & remain exactly as when made!!

*** ALL PRICES In Au$’s ***


What a Special pair of Vintage 18ct Gold Quality Bow Style Earrings  these are!


Superior Quality vintage earrings , made in one of the earliest nations to ‘master fine jewellery’ ,  Italy of course.       These really are beautifully made & done so by a very experienced hand no doubt.

These originally came from a 3 piece suite , with a  ‘Large 18ct Gold Bow Brooch’  ~  I have included 1 image of the 3 pieces ~ just to give you a good insight into the significance of the not only these earrings – but also the bow & the ‘suite’ as a whole.

NOTE:~ The image showing the Large BOW   has a TWENTY Cent coin next to it , to give a good understanding of just how Large the bow was/is  …..  The image  of the earring with a coin next to it , has a FIVE Cent coin in it.

The 3 pce suite is of the Highest quality.     These were Not made with the intention of “making them as cheaply as possible with an eye to cutting corners to save money”   ~~   They were & are ~  All about Quality   ~~   Quality & Class!

They were made with nothing more in mind than “making them as well as possible , with a unique design & highest quality as the driving force behind the idea/design & execution”.

Fashioned loosely {artistic license} on leaves , & if I am correct ,  Grape leaves ……… the extent of detail , accuracy & difficulty of execution is truly Exceptional & both also remain in Excellent estate condition ~ with Zero defects or negatives.   {sizes to follow shortly}

The entire earrings are made of 18ct yellow gold & I have No doubt what so ever that these will be genuinely eye catching & beautiful when worn by ‘the right ladies’.

Take a close look at the numerous images of these Superb Vintage 18ct Gold Quality Bow Style Earrings  , the overall construction , the difficulty of construction , the condition &  the actual Beauty of these Unique High Quality Italian made  Vintage 18ct Gold Quality Earrings   ……………

Then I would suggest , that If you are interested in owning these superbly made earrings …….  & Before you get  “fixated on asking for a discount”  ~  that you spend 20 or 30 minutes  comparing the earrings  & especially our price  &  prices that you will be forced to pay in almost every shop in every Capital City throughout Australia!~

Via a Google search ……  such as  ” Vintage 18ct Gold Quality Earrings  Sydney”  OR any other capital city at the end of the item description  ………….. you can compare via google.

Then , If you agree with us  ~  That these are not only extremely beautiful , extremely well made  &  extremely Good Value for Money ….. we then suggest that you ask any questions that you may have , as soon as possible       ~

As these are not only unique & special pieces  ….. they are also well below what you would pay almost anywhere else within Oz …..

Compare for yourself  ~  via a Google search  ………  Yet please make sure , that you are comparing  “apples  to  apples”.

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We are Very happy to provide links for you , so that price comparisons on any stocked items , can be done  ~  If you are genuinely interested in an item.

Any questions regarding these Superb  Vintage 18ct Gold Quality Earrings  are best asked via email and expect a prompt response.