Vintage 9ct Gold Uni~Sex Watch


A Very Attractive  Vintage 9ct Gold Uni~Sex Watch  in Gr8 Original condition.  Fully serviced & sold with Free warranty  ~  This is a Great vintage watch Indeed …………  Especialy at the Low price of  au$895!  c.1930’s.


This Handsome  intage 9ct Gold Uni~Sex Watc  Is a Classic Vintage watch with a Very Attractive dial!

Dating to the 1930’s  ~  This 9ct Rose Gold Watch has Just been fully serviced & cleaned & is running beautifully.

The Australian made 9ct Gold Filled Bracelet is by the world renown watch case & watch bracelet company  HANDLEY  Of Melbourne!      The bracelet is a also a Very attractive part of the watch – with a bracelet that may appeal to  ‘football’  fans.   With the sideways view of the attractive bracelet resembling Aussie rules / Rugby Union Or League football.

The ‘fastening mechanism’  is not only working perfectly …… it is a ‘design classic’  & actually Better than many contempary designs for watch bracelet fasteners! {not surprisingly}.

Have a Close look at this one ………………… it is a Genuinely Beautiful dial & a Genuinely Beautiful vintage watch ,  for Both Men & Women to wear  ~  & represents Excellent value for a solid 9ct Gold Vintage watch , in such A~mazing condition!

The Dial is 100% Original  ~  With Original hands , seconds dial crown lume  etc  ………. it is as you would Hope to find   {yet seldom do}   All watches.

The Dial quality & the condition etc  ~  is Just as good as the Biggest brands of the period  & indeed actually Better than Many Rolex & Omega that I have handled , of the same period.

It has  , Obviously ,  aged Better than Many same age Rolex & Omega ……. & that is an indisputable Fact!

The bracelet is Identical to some Rolex of the same period that were sold within Australia , as the Oz company  Handley ~ Supplied the Exact same bracelet to Rolex & other companies!

Another Handsome Uni~Sex vintage Gold watch from  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery  that comes to You after being Fully serviced by our Master Horologist  &  supplied with our  Free  9  months warranty   ~~   for your Total peace of mind!

The overall condition is as the images indicate ….. Excellent , with just 1 Minor indent to the Rear of the case.   The entire watch is actually Better than many watches that one will see from the 70’s or 80’s  &  truly does belie it’s age of approx.; 75+ years   ~~   Being  c1940’s.

The Majex / Jewellex watches were made & sold to numerous countries & were just one of the many fine Swiss watch companies making quality movements & watches for retailers to either add their Logo or shop name Or as this fine example ….. Branded with a retail jewellers group.

If you have any questions regarding this good  Vintage 9ct Gold Uni~Sex Watch   ~~  please email.