Vintage Abacus Cuff Links 14ct Gold


Vintage Abacus Cuff Links 14ct Gold in excellent condition  &  good weight ~ c1970’s.   Chinese Abacus Jewellery / Cufflinks. 


These Vintage Abacus Cuff Links 14ct Gold are amazing pieces.          With each  &  every solid 14ct gold bead being free moving   ~   these hand made vintage cuffs are of genuine quality!

With men being much more restricted regarding their choices of jewellery that they can wear    ~  usually being a watch & one or usually at best 2 rings  ~  with that being the end of it for Most men {definitely not all}   ~   though with men that wear suits or  even long sleeve business shirts to work ,   quality cuff links are a great way of  ‘completing one’s attire’  &  expressing your style through.

These Vintage Abacus Cuff Links 14ct Gold are basically  accurate miniature versions of actual chinese abacus  &  even function as such   ~   and are also guaranteed conversation starters …….. pieces like these ,   Never go unnoticed!

Being a truly ancient form of mathematical computer   ~   if you have ever seen someone who is experienced  &  highly proficient at using an abacus …… I am certain that you will agree with me when I say it is simply amazing the speed  &  accuracy that such a user can accomplish on these ancient devices!

With the actual condition of this pair being far better than others that I have seen , with zero bending or damage  ~  and condition ,  naturally ,  never being a small point to consider when purchasing any vintage or antique item!      Hallmarked with both  14k  &  on the reverse  585  ~  these are genuine quality cuff’s  of fine  quality ,  weight & condition  ~  also of considerable size at approx;  28 mm’s  x  12 mm’s   or  1.2 inches  x 1/2 an inch  ~     these Vintage Abacus Cuff Links 14ct Gold  are also of very good weight of approx; 7.5 gm’s of 14ct gold!

Having  ,  once smashed with a hammer & made totally useless ,   well over  au$200 in scrap gold value …….. I have recently seen identical cuff links at the U.S.  equivalent of  au$1,150  &  another slightly more   ~   therefore highlighting the Fact that this pair represents Genuine Value  @  the selling price of  $795  ………….  though what would you expect from  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery!!

If you would like to purchase   or  ask any questions regarding these fine Vintage Abacus Cuff Links 14ct Gold ,  please email for a prompt response.