Vintage Amethyst & Seed Pearl Ring


A Fantastic  Vintage Amethyst & Seed Pearl Ring  Offered  @  a Crazy Price!  Gr8 condition & well made ring , more Antique than Vintage ….. late 19thC ~ Early 20thC.


What a Truly Beautiful  Vintage Amethyst & Seed Pearl Ring  This one is.

It is So easy to see why So many women prefer quality Antique or Vintage jewellery  ~  over contemporary jewellery  ~   when you look at rings such as this beautiful  & inexpensive ring!

Especially when you compare the Price & Amazing Value that  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery can supply antique & vintage jewellery at.

Look at ALL the larger  “franchise jewellers”  & the Vast Majority of jewellers in general  ~  And see what you get for  au$550  ………  which is the Price that you can own this Genuinely Gorgeous  Vintage Amethyst & Seed Pearl Ring   for!!

Yes ,  I know that’s Hard to believe  &  Yes it is in Excellent Original condition!     We Just Enjoy selling our fine stock to the Public  @  Prices that Embarrass  other shops …….. IF it doesn’t  embarrass them   ,   it Certainty Should!

Why can one C.B.D.   {Cenrtal Business District}  Shop  be able to Constantly sell fine quality antique & vintage jewellery & vintage watches  @  Prices that are  Often 1/2  &  Even a THIRD of other  C.B.D.  Shops??      The answer’s aren’t too hard to work out , without a hint even. lol.

With the above being a 100% Factual statement  …………….  We are More than happy to provide links to comparable pieces  @  Other shops to validate our comment ,  simply email & mention which piece  &  we will gladly send some links to you to assit in validating our claims!

Approx;  a size  “R & 1/2”  Or  U.S. size  9  it is Not a small ‘pinkie ring’ to most women.

View the numerous images , {which we provide to assist in giving You an Informed view} to get a very good understanding of the ring  ~~  Note that it is Not of ‘wafer thin’ band & is actually a solid Hand Made ring that has Plenty of decades in her yet!

Tested & guaranteed to be 9ct gold ,  I would date it too the late 19thC ~ to Early 20thC   ~~   {Victorian / Edwardian}   ~~   c.1880’s ~ 1910.     So Antique , more so than Vintage.

I believe that this would look Absolutely Amazing worn with the 9ct Gold Victorian Amethyst & “seed moonstone” bracelet that I have also just listed on our website!

Have a look , make your own judgement  ~~  Yet I have NO doubt that the 2 pieces worn together would look Absolutely Amazing!       And with Both pieces being Considerably under priced  ………… You are , in Reality , getting one piece for Free …… when compared to the same / similar yet comparable pieces at ANY other shop in ANY Other Capital City Shop!

I suggest that you use Google to compare for yourself & see for yourself Just how lower priced this ring Is  ~  to Any equal ring that you will find!

If you have any questions regarding this Gorgeous  Vintage Amethyst & Seed Pearl Ring    ~  I suggest that you either call  {04488~64015}  Or email for a Prompt response   ~~   As this ring cannot last too long at the ridiculous price of  ~  $550!