Vintage Cyma 9ct Rose Gold 2 Tone Original Dial


A Superb Vintage Cyma 9ct Rose Gold 2 Tone Original Dial in 100% Original cond;  Including the Dial. A true Uni~Sex  watch.   


This Extremely Handsome  Vintage Cyma 9ct Rose Gold 2 Tone Original Dial  Uni~Sex watch is not only an amazingly good looking & Original watch   ~   it is also a rare model.

This  Classic Vintage Cyma 9ct Rose Gold 2 Tone Original Dial  is a true Uni~Sex watch ,  although made exclusively for men {in this size at the time]  due to the ever changing fashions ,  in as much that many women prefer to wear  ‘significant sized’  watches now ,  compared to the small watches that most designers  “told women to wear”  in the 30’s – 60’s   ~   this  amazing watch at approx; 31.5 mm’s with the crown  is practical to both men with a slightly smaller wrist ,  as well as ladies of course.

Even as a beautiful piece of jewellery , not unlike a bracelet even ,  this has got to look great on a ladies wrist!

I would not recommend it to a gent with large forearms or  wrists  But  not all watches Need to be worn ……..  as the dedicated watch collectors well knows!       Yet with the seriously beautiful case design actually gives the watch an appearance that is larger than it measures!

Black outer chapter ring  with light gold center dial    ~~    the dial is actually more ‘gold colour’  than the pic’s indicate ,  seconds dial add’s balance to the dial.

Genuinely looks Far better in person than these photo’s show  ~  which is the way you would want it to be  ,   rather than the opposite  ~  as is often the case!

The gold center dial ~ with black outer chapter  ~  then with the rose gold graduated case ……. topped with the darker  gold hands ……. is an Amazing contrast of colours that meld yet contrast Perfectly  &  the entire watch looks nothing short of  Amazing!

Running brilliantly , as serviced within the past few months……….. this Tavannes / Cyma manual movement is crystal clean & has been well maintained.

We will be cleaning & triple checking all again prior to shipping out to the very fortunate man or lady that purchases this Classic Vintage  CYMA / TAVANNES.

CYMA ~ TAVANNES are one of the most underrated    Swiss watch / watch movement  companies {amongst the general public} Yet are  from the pioneering days of wrist watch invention , through it’s development  &  advancement ………….  Cyma / Tavannes have been there all the way through ,  producing Fine Quality movements & watches for Numerous “larger companies”  {& themselves of course}.

This  Superb Vintage Cyma 9ct Rose Gold 2 Tone Original Dial  is an extremely rare watch  {try & find another the same}  & is in extremely good Original condition  &  will make Anyone proud to own such a Classically designed & Classically Beautiful 1940’s 9ct Rose Gold Cyma watch such as this handsome piece!

If you have any questions regarding this handsome watch   ~   please email for a prompt response.