Vintage English Made 9ct Gold Drop Earrings


Although this pair of Vintage 9ct Gold Drop Earrings Of English Origin are very attractive indeed they are not ostentatious at all & would suit the vast majority of ladies!

***  ALL PRICES In  AU$’s  ***


Genuine Vintage 9ct Gold Drop Earrings Of English Origin & in remaining in fine condition.

Dating to the first half of the 20thC   ~   I have spent the past 10 minutes trying to recall the name of this shape ,  the shape of the earring/s.   No result I am afraid ,  lol ,  I keep drawing blanks.

Suffice to say the shape is not a common shape seen in vintage earrings & when in polished gold , such as this fine pair ,  they catch the light better than most & are truly eye catching when worn  ~  though not ostentatious in anyway.

At Approx; 42 mm’s  ,  from top of hook to end of earring   ~   they are pretty much Mid size earrings & by no means small.  Whilst weighing ‘the expected weight’ of 2.5 grams approx;   ~  there aren’t any negatives at all.

This very attractive pair of Vintage 9ct Gold Drop Earrings Of English Origin are ready to wear & we always  complimentary sterilize all earrings sold prior to sending to the purchaser.   It is the little things that combine to provide top shelf customer service!

Dating to circa 1940’s ,  they have stood the test of time very well indeed.
Both the earrings & the shepard’s hook are gold content hallmarked 9ct.

With antique & quality vintage earrings being the most difficult genre’s of all in the world of jewellery to source ,   the prices that most shops / dealers obtain for quality earring’s knows no limits & are continuously in the ascendance & therefore   ~   many astute collectors have significantly invested in fine examples of quality antique jewellery for nothing more than ‘capital gains’.

These are fine quality ,  U.K. made ,  beautifully designed 9ct gold vintage earrings!
You will not see too many of this very attractive design ,  even less that are quality U.K. made.

English quality , attractive & eye catching design that captures any available light & shines & twinkles every time the wearer slightly moves their neck.    Making them an ideal pair for evening Or day wear & will not look out of place in either a formal event or to work!     Not all can have that said about them.

At au$595 for this pair of True Vintage {pre-1960} 9ct gold earrings ,  these attractive earrings are around Half Price to what you will pay at most antique jewellery outlets in Australia  &  We always encourage customers to Compare ‘our piece & price’ to any Equal piece in any shop or Australian website!

We encourage people to do so as we know that on the vast majority of examples ,    We Will have the best price available on most occasions  {backed up with 3 decades of experience , money back guarantees & guaranteed descriptions} !

If you would like to purchase  Or  ask any questions about this handsome pair of Vintage 9ct Gold Drop Earrings Of English Origin   ~   please email for a same or next day reply  ~  Yet at $595  ~  take a tip ,  these won’t last too long!