Lucky Horse Shoe 9ct Gold Vintage Ring

This Unisex Lucky Horse Shoe 9ct Gold Vintage Ring  is an authentic example from the 1940’s / 50’s & not a 1990’s copy as so many on the market today are!  Attractive decoration , fine condition & a strong / sturdy ring that will last for decades plus!

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With global appeal ,  horse shoe rings such as this Lucky Horse Shoe 9ct Gold Vintage Ring have been popular for many decades now.


A true unisex ring & equally suitable for men or women ,  it all comes down to tastes  ~  who likes it  ~  can wear it!      Probably designed & made for men originally ,  due to the ever changing women’s fashions  ~  this is suitable to whom ever likes it!

This is one of the better , gemstone free ,  examples that I have stocked for sometime.
The ring is in excellent condition which is partly due to the sturdiness / overall strength of the ring.   The difference of say 1.5 or 2 grams of weight to a ring of this design , size etc can literally mean the difference between a ring that may last for 40 years before , due to lower gauge/thickness throughout , it is either or both too damaged or too thin to wear.

Whereas when a ring of the same design that has been created by a jewellery who was not trying to “scrimp & scrape” wherever possible.    Solely to save money / keep production costs to a bare minimum    ~    without any regard to the quality or longevity of the piece in question ,  and used more gold to create the same ring.

Allowing for a thicker / heavier gauge band , shoulders , horse shoe etc  throughout the ring.   With the bottom line being this ring in near mint condition , some 70 years after being made.    With at least another 150 years  ‘left in’  the life of this ring easily!

Size and weight added shortly ,  yet be assured it is of good weight ,  as mentioned.   This Lucky Horse Shoe 9ct Gold Vintage Ring may be resized up or down by a competent jeweller.

Appealing jockey’s cap, riding crop & saddle nicely engraved decoration to the shoulders.    Along with simulated ‘horse shoe nail holes’  ~  lift this fine example clearly above any that I have seen on the market today for less than au$700 !!

With this handsome vintage ring being another good example of the value for money available at  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery & Vintage Watches!       I have seen these above au$1,500+ in Sydney outlets ,  yet no doubt similar prices in other capital cities as well.

Except HobartTown   ~   where You can own this handsome Lucky Horse Shoe 9ct Gold Vintage Ring  for Less Than HALF   ~   at just  au$685  ~  this is a Genuinely Fantastic price for this ring in 2016  &  I will be Extremely Surprised if you can find an equal of this ring for Anywhere Near this price ,   let alone at a better price!!!

I recommend that you use Google to compare this quality  Lucky Horse Shoe 9ct Gold Vintage Ring from the 1940’s / 50’s & it’s price to any that you may find within Oz.

Then ,  once you have verified that what we have stated here is actually true & correct  >>>  please feel free to email to purchase or ask any questions about this handsome & Lucky Horse Shoe 9ct Gold Vintage Ring & we will respond with 24 hour’s,

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