Vintage Omega Geneve St.Steel Original Men’s Watch


A good Vintage Omega Geneve St.Steel Original Men’s Watch with Original dial. Just serviced & with 9 months free warranty. New Omega black leather strap  &  S.S. Omega Buckle!


This good Vintage Omega Geneve St.Steel Original Men’s Watch  resembles a ‘Hollywood Version’  of a  “flying saucer”  ……….  or have I been watching too many movies?

*****  Being Offered  @  a Special Price  ~  Under Owners Instructions  *****

Rarely seen case which is often regarded as the “flying saucer”   ~  with Omega crown  flush to the case , extra broad st.steel bezel , high profile plexi with ‘straight sides’  &  ‘landing gear’  lug’s   ………… you don’t Need to be a space ship aficionado so to speak , to like & own this Gr8 Omega ……..  yet it certainly wouldn’t hurt!  lol.

This Omega is fitted  with a quality  286 Cal; mint movement powering this Omega Geneve   ~   running strong & keeping good vintage time  &  has recently been serviced & comes to you with our Free 9 months warranty  ~  for you peace of mind!

This Vintage Omega Geneve St.Steel Original Men’s Watch  is also fitted with a new genuine leather Omega black strap with S.S. Omega buckle  ~  which really sets the watch off beautifully!    With the case being in excellent vintage condition with no major scratches or gouges etc  ~  the entire watch looks Great!

Note that both the  OMEGA brand & their  Ω   logo are  ‘gold coloured metal’ ,  not painted/lumed  &  are Applied to the dial & can give the effect on certain angles of being distorted or  ‘wrong’    ~    let me assure you that that is Not the case  ……. the Omega Logo  Ω   &  the  OMEGA  brand name to the dial are 100% authentic & Original to this watch ,   just to dispel any doubts that anyone may have had , due to the above reason.

Signed no less than   7  times  {dial x 2 ,  crown , inner case , m/ment , buckle & strap}  this handsome watch is  100%  OMEGA!     ~     With the case itself being approx;  34 mm’s  ~  it is actually larger than it may appear in the images!

With the dial being 100% original , with some ageing , the case & movement all ‘starting life together’   this is a 100% Original Vintage Omega Geneve St.Steel Original Men’s Watch  &  Not a  ‘frankenstein watch’  like Soo many on the market today are   ……….  one must be very very vigilant to avoid =re-painted dials & frankensteins ………… with one of the Very  Best & also safest way’s of doing so  ~   is by dealing only with reputable dealers that Guarantee their stock & statements ,  provide warranty & thoroughly & properly service every watch they sell .

Especially when you are fortunate enough to locate one that sells the above  @  some of the Best Prices that you will find ,  anywhere!   Such as where You are Right Now!

All questions will be promptly  responded to via email ,  please feel free  to ask  …………  Yet  @  the Excellent Price of  au$895  ~  I wouldn’t be waiting too long at all before asking!