Vintage Peerless – IWC Military Watch


A Particularly Good  Vintage Peerless – IWC Military Watch  in Fully serviced & maintained condition.   A true w.w.2  Military watch in GR8 working condition & retaining the Serviceman’s dog tag # to the rear of the case!


This one is a Great  Vintage Peerless – IWC Military Watch  in Untouched Original condition.      Dating to the late 1930’s ~ early 40’s  , with even the “dis-coloured”  crystal is the Original from when the watch was made!

When our watchmaker serviced this  Vintage Peerless – IWC Military Watch  he asked if we wanted the “dis-coloured  crystal”   replaced.    
We couldn’t say no quick enough!    
To My eye ~ it looks great as is , with the aged & ‘slightly  golden coloured’ crystal  ~  over a new ‘crystal clear’ {pardon the pun}  plexi-glass cover.

Although this attractive  vintage Peerless watch  was actually made as a gent’s Watch  , due to current fashions  ~  This would not only be Ideal for a lady   ~~   It is probably more suitable to a lady or buy than a gent …… unless the gent has a small wrist 
As the watch has a small diameter of approx; 28 mm’s.

The watch had not even had a “cloth polish”  prior to the photo’s being taken for this  listing  ……………  Guaranteeing that it Will Look Considerably better when it arrives with You  , as we will have cleaned & polished the watch prior to delivery!

Note;~   The Original Swiss Made Dial with  “Peerless , FC Johns”     ~~     the  FC Johns  is the Retailers name.     A Very sturdy , solid & well made watch case   ~  To protect the movement!     The red white & blue Nato strap is obviously bright & colourful & does suit the watch , though of course & you prefer to replace it  ~  that is not only Very easily done …….  It is also very inexpensive to do so as well!

The rear of this particularly Interesting  Vintage Peerless – IWC Military Watch  has been engraved with either the watches Military issue/model #  Or the Soldiers dog tag #  …………  N Asmusson  with  N X 43554    ~~   Adding to the Interest & Intrigue of this Great Vintage Watch!

If you have any questions regarding this Great  Vintage Peerless  ~  please feel free to email for further details.