Vintage Peridot 9ct Gold Ring


A Very Attractive Vintage Peridot 9ct Gold Ring     *** Sorry ,  Now Sold ***     With Quality Peridot Showing Great Colour! Diam; & Platinum accents To Shoulders  ~  Well Made Ring, English Hallmarks.  For A Quality Vintage Peridot 9ct Gold Ring  Of This Standard ~  au$375  Is a Great Price!

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This Fine Vintage Peridot 9ct Gold Ring Bares English Hallmarks & Is a Well Made “Green & Gold Ring”.                             ***** Sorry ,  I Am Now Sold  *****

Set With Platinum Shoulders  ~  And Diamond Chips Within ,  To Assist with Contrasting Between the Strong Green & The Gold From The Ring Itself   ~~   And It Works A Treat  ~  As It Is A Very Pretty Ring Indeed.

Peridot Have Been Used & Revered For Thousands of Years ~ By Numerous Cultures Throughout The Millennia!

Being Used By Egyptians, Aztecs, and Incas to gently cleanse and heal the physical heart (lungs, lymph, breast) , spleen, intestinal tract, and strengthens eyes in regards to astigmatism and nearsighted-ness.. Gems leaning more to the yellow side in color are also for Solar Plexus (stomach, liver, adrenal) Helps heal infection, ulcers, and thyroid

Metaphysical Properties:

Peridot has be used as a Power Stone for centuries.  Fostering emotional balance, and helping one heal from past emotional wounds. It clears the path way to the heart and heals damaged egos.  {most ppl Should have one then!}

Peridot helps us move past the hurt, and understand our relationships. It adds intelligence to your romantic situations ~ giving one a bit of ‘commons sense’ In Affairs Of The Heart!

These have been Long Held Views Throughout the centuries!

Peridot Is The Birth Stone For August ……. Making this an IDEAL GIFT FOR AUGUST Born!

This Quality English Made Vintage Peridot 9ct Gold Ring  With Platinum & Diamond Chip Accents Is A Very Attractive Vintage Ring With A Quality Peridot Of GR8 Colour & Looks Very Nice ‘On Hand’.

Known as ‘The Stone Of Emotional Healing’  ~  Who Hasn’t Been In Need Of That  At Some Point In Their Lives  ………………………  Making it The Ideal Gift ……. Especially For Astrological Signs of Leo, Virgo and Scorpio, and Sagittarius  …….  Not Forgetting  ~  It Is Also The Birthstone Of August!

This Very Attractive Vintage Peridot 9ct Gold Ring  Is Not Only A Very Pretty Ring Indeed ~ It Is Also Another GREAT Example Of The Value for Money All Customers Get When Dealing With  HOBART TOWN ANTIQUE JEWELLERY   @  Just  au$375   ~  You Will Not Get A Great Deal Better Value Than That , I Would Suggest!

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