Vintage Pierce Chronograph Oversized 37.5m c1940 Quality Watch

This Vintage Pierce Chronograph Oversized 37.5m c1950 Quality Watch in Fantastic Original condition is another Great Watch being sold at a Great Price at Hobart Town.

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A fine Vintage Pierce Chronograph Oversized 37.5m c1940 Quality Watch in Fantastic Original condition and with aviator’s / military origin’s!

What a stunning watch this c1942 Pierce is!
100% original dial in simply stunning mint condition & as good as I have ever seen or is possible to see ,  as no watch of this age / style can be in any better condition that this cracker is in.

Fantastic case design  ~  also in excellent condition.
Quality Pierce  ‘full in house column wheel Long Play 45 minute movement’.
Round pushers & All functioning just as you would hope it would be.

With this Pierce pilots / military chrono being genuinely excellent value for this standard of watch!    Pierce were highly regarded {especially amongst their peers} , widely known  &  a favoured company throughout the 19th & well into the 20thC  ~  yet predominantly in Europe.

This Vintage Pierce Chronograph Oversized 37.5m c1940 Quality Watch is a genuine Top Quality early 1940’s  chronograph!!!
Stunning quality dial ,  remaining in Perfect Vintage condition , with gorgeous hands , tachymeter script etc etc!
Top case design.
Genuinely rare {in 42} long play 45 minute column wheel movement ,  100% made In House Pierce!!

This is one hell of a Unique watch  ~  has not been “fully recognised”  by the market YET ,  provides Unbeatable value for money for an early chrono by Any brand at this price  &  is Guaranteed to rise in Value ,  Yes Guaranteed!!

A Brief run down on the history of the c.170 year old Pierce Watch Company  >>>>>

In 1842  , watchmakers settled in Biel , Switzerland and the grounding Fathers of Biel decided to promote the watch making industry.    1846 ~ 1873. In just four years the # of watchmakers increased from 150 to 500 qualified craftsmen.   In 1875 Biel counted 75 watch factories with 1500 workers and 1700 qualified craftsmen.

1883 saw the founding of Leon Levy together with his brothers.      By 1889 there are over 3100 workers in the industry.   PIERCE ALONE EMPLOYS 1290 of them!   By now they are the largest employer in the city.

By the 1920’s Pierce creates it’s own internal watch & development school.       Pierce began to develop it’s own movements & put an end to the modification of basic calibers /  ebauches purchased from other companies.  {as 99.99%  of watchmakers of the day did}.

At the beginning of the 1930’s the production of the first new developed calibers started.   By 1936 Pierce was a renowned name in the watch industry & cherished among military soldiers because of their acknowledged precision & reliability   ,  whilst being highly regarded amongst their peers as well.

The British Royal Air Force ordered the building of a Flight Calendar watch ,  which carried over into civil air traffic as well.    The British Govt; was until the end of WW2 were the largest military contract.      For this reason ,  as of 1941 ,  the bright dials of the Pierce chrono’s found their into the army’s medical division & supported the nurses of the Queen.

During the 1940’s  there were more than 2,500 jewellers that retailed Pierce watches ,  in Europe alone!   During the 50’s Pierce introduces the DuFon ,  a unique mechanical wristwatch with alarm feature in Two volumes.   Towards the late 50’s Pierce introduces the  ‘Correctomatic’ ,  which allowed the movement to be adjusted from the Outside ,  without a tool.

Producing other groundbreaking movements & watch designs well into the 60’s  ……………  and as you can see for more than a few years …….
Pierce have been ,    manufacturers of seriously fine quality watches & have enjoyed a reputation as being innovative , accurate & reliable!
Like so many top quality watchmakers pre-1970 ,  it  Simply did not have “the marketing”  down to a fine art ,  with that factor being a very common feature among several watchmakers of very fine quality watches & therefore one reason why so many great brands are little known still ,  2 decades into the 21stC.

With this Vintage Pierce Chronograph Oversized 37.5m 1940’s Quality Watch being an absolutely fantastic watch in every aspect ,  from the case to the dial , to the movement to the hands & the round pushers  +  the overall aesthetic  ~  which is a very military aesthetic!

A fine Quality watch that has stood the test of time far better than many Rolex , Omega IWC  etc etc.

This watch is equal to some of the very best early 1940’s chronographs ever made & has simply not Yet gained the “recognition & Kudos” that it fully deserves!    It will though!
Therefore ,  the prices achievable for this & other Vintage Pierce Chronograph Oversized 37.5m c1940 Quality Watch / es are nowhere near the prices that they will sell for in 3 or 4 years!!
You heard it here folks ,   this watch & other equal Pierce chronographs ,  will be selling for at least 50 to 100% more in 3 to 5 years ,  than they sell for now.
I have No doubt of that whatsoever!!

This Pierce pilots over under chrono from the early 1940’s ,  with handsome untouched original dial …… offers seriously good value for money  ~  any way that you care to look at it!    Beautifully designed case shape ,  with seldom seen lug placement  ~  which ‘works a treat’

With the current images of this Vintage Pierce Chronograph Oversized 37.5m c1940 Quality Watch being taken prior to the watch being cleaned & serviced ……. it will present much better/cleaner  ~   especially the quality ,  centre wheel Pierce movement!

A large watch, in vintage terms ,  at almost 38 mm’s  w.o.c.   ~    this one fills plenty of wrist  &  may not suit a gent with a small wrist.

This Vintage Pierce Chronograph Oversized 37.5m c1940 Quality Watch offers seriously good value for money ,  to the savvy buyer.

This c1942 Pierce military pilots chronograph …….  has recently been serviced by our watchmaker & is being sold with our complimentary 6 months warranty  >>>>>>>>>
for Your peace of mind  &  investment security.

View the numerous images that we have provided for you to enable you to make an informed decision on this stunning Vintage Pierce Chronograph Oversized 37.5m c1940 Quality Watch

This Handsome Vintage Pierce Chronograph Oversized 37.5m c1940 Quality Watch with a strong Military aesthetic  >>>  Offers Great Value for Money , is fully serviced ,  fully warrantied ;  Exceptional condition & is running beautifully  >>>>>>
So if you have any questions  or  you would like to purchase this fine vintage PIERCE ,  please email for a prompt response.