Vintage Rotary Aquaplunge 666ft 1960’s Divers Watch


This Vintage Rotary Aquaplunge 666ft 1960’s Divers Watch ~ Pre date feature  model is the very first release and one handsome early 1960s divers watch!
** No Longer Available **

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A good , Vintage Rotary Aquaplunge 666ft 1960’s Divers Watch in remarkably good condition.

** No Longer Available **

Dating to the early 1960’s , this handsome true vintage watch is a beautiful watch and the very first aquaplinge model made.

Slightly later issued examples have a date window and have become less favoured by collectors than this Vintage Rotary Aquaplunge 666ft 1960’s Divers Watch without the date window.

Various other divers model watches , made by various brand names ,  with date feature can be more sought after than the same models without date feature ….. yet with this exact watch ……. this non date model are without doubt the most highly sought time only divers watches made by Rotary.

The dial design “works a treat” and is backed up by quality components and manufacture ….. it is not hard to see why this Vintage Rotary Aquaplunge 666ft 1960’s Divers Watch is a highly sought after genuine divers watch!

This watch , in my opinion ,  offers especially good value for the selling price and lesser watches , made by other brands ,  often sell for double this price ……. even though the watch is inferior ….. as too many people focus on “known brand name”  and not “watch quality” when it comes to vintage watches.

Having the original , bi-rotational bezel being in good non faded condition is always is a good aspect with any bezel mounted vintage watch.

The attractive black dial having both lumed Arabic numerals at the four main hour points of 3, 6 , 9 and 12 and batons at all other hour points ….. with all having developed a beautifully aged patina which add’s greatly to the overall vintage aesthetic and appeal of this classic early 1960’s divers watch!

Also being graced with a 24 hour military inner chapter ring ,  this handsome watch really does grab the eye is regarded as a genuine design success!

The unique oversized arrow head hour hand combined with the ‘tooth pick’ minutes hand and shaped seconds sweep combine with the above features to create a truly handsome vintage divers watch , which is also backed up by quality in all other aspects of the watch.

This exact model is one of the very best watches produced by Rotary and it is not difficult to understand why when you see this actual watch strapped around your wrist!

At 37m wooc , it is a good sized watch and many regard 37m to be in the sweet spot for their vintage wristwatches.
If the buyer prefers a black leather strap ,  we are able to supply and fit one if required.
The case presents like a 2 year old watch and is all original / not re-polished!

The Adolf Schilds {AS}  full rotor automatic 21 jewel movement provides the accuracy and reliability to the watches time keeping  ….. as they have for the fast majority of vintage wristwatches brand names on the market.

Running strong and about to be cleaned and serviced {at the time of writing}  this Vintage Rotary Aquaplunge 666ft 1960’s Divers Watch owes a lot of it’s popularity to having such a reliable , no nonsense work horse! 

Yet when combined in a 37m st.steel 666ft waterproof case , the previously mentioned aesthetic brilliance of the dial etc  …… this watch will remain popular and a desirable watch for many years to come and offers especially good value at its current market value ….. when in this condition and this precise model.

This handsome vintage divers watch actually presents better in person than in the images!

Quite similar to some Rolex explorer models in appearance and  only about $25k cheaper  :}

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