Vintage Sapphire Uni Sex Ring 1.15ct approx;


Handsome & Large Sapphire Solitaire  @  a Genuinely Crazy Price!


This is a very attractive  Vintage Sapphire Uni Sex Ring 1.15ct approx.;   in Great condition.

A generous sized Natural~Earth mined sapphire of  approx; 1.15ct  highlights this fine quality Genuine  Uni Sex ring , that will suit both a gent or a lady equally.

This handsome natural sapphire & 9ct gold ring came from a local estate , was bought Very well & as a result ,  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery find No reason that we should “break the mould”  &  Not sell this at a Crazy price  ~~  As in Crazy low!

Once you have time to closely examine the ‘greatly magnified’ images ,  I suggest that , If you have an interest in this handsome ring , that you take the time to “copy the initial heading & type it into google & then type in Any capital city in Oz ,  I.E.

“Vintage Sapphire Uni Sex Ring 1.15ct approx.;  Sydney”   OR   “Vintage Sapphire Uni Sex Ring 1.15ct approx.;  Melbourne”   & see Just how Much you Will pay for the same size & quality sapphire ring  ~  compared to Our price!!     There is Every chance you will be Amazed!

Priced to ‘sell yesterday’  this handsome   Vintage Sapphire Uni Sex Ring 1.15ct approx.;  is not only exceptional value ……. it is a Very attractive ring indeed   &   I  would be extremely surprised If you were to find an equal ring  ~  of equal quality & size {a Natural sapphire }  ~   Anywhere Near this price  of  au$785!!

Another example of how difficult it can be , at times ,  to capture a gemstone & portray it Accurately  ……. this quality Uni~Sex Sapphire ring presents considerably better than it does here via these images.

Size to be added shortly ,  yet we can easily re-size this ring for a nominal cost of $25  ……  up Or down in size ~ at around  1/4 of what you will pay elsewhere  …….  which is perhaps indicative of our pricing  %’s  in general!!?

If we can assist you regarding this attractive  Vintage Sapphire Uni Sex Ring 1.15ct approx.;  Please ask any questions promptly , as this one is Soo under priced ….. a  dealer may beat you to it!

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