Vintage St.Silver Charm Bracelet 30+ Charms good condition

*SUPER SPECIAL*   This Vintage St.Silver Charm Bracelet 30+ Charms good condition must be knocking on the door of being an absolute Bargain at this price!  Over 30 charms with many great ones amongst them ,  this is a very interesting early 20thC Vintage St.Silver Charm Bracelet at a true bargain price !

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This attractive Vintage St.Silver Charm Bracelet 30+ Charms good condition  is an appealing vintage bracelet ,  dating to c.1930’s.    

*** No Longer Available ***

Fitted with numerous interesting charms ,  this is an attractive genuine vintage bracelet which remains in fine condition & any charms that are  ‘not your thing’ can easily be removed.   Of course the reverse applies as well ,  in that further charms can be added at will  ~  personalising the piece even more.

These st.silver charm bracelets have been very popular for decade after decade with no real change in their popularity for many years.
Being able to occasionally add charms of your choice ,  friends or family being able to gift charms to you to add to the bracelet.    You are able to ‘customise’ vintage charm bracelets more than almost any other piece of antique or vintage jewellery ,   providing an option that many enjoy and is available to next to no other antique jewellery genres   ~   without adulterating the piece and losing its originality and dare I say …. the piece’s charm.

No ,  the price is not a mistake ……….. this charming Vintage St.Silver Charm Bracelet 30+ Charms {sorry ,  I couldn’t help myself, lol} …. is being sold at a fraction of what you will see other Genuine vintage st.silver charm bracelets with over 30 charms in good condition being sold for!

Being of the age it is ,  we have decided not to clean or polish the piece and will leave the extent of any cleaning preferred ,  to the next owner of this attractive Vintage St.Silver Charm Bracelet 30+ Charms in good condition Charms  bargain!

View the many photo’s ,  compare to any equal bracelet that you can locate on any professional website in Oz   ~   then if you have any questions that you may like to ask , please email for a prompt response.

At this price though   ~   I would not expect this Vintage St.Silver Charm Bracelet to last too long!

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