Vintage Venus 1940’s Roman Numeral Military Dial Amazing Cond;


A Fine & Rare Vintage Venus 1940’s Roman Numeral Military Dial Amazing Cond;   and running strong.  This is a genuinely rare gents ww2 period watch!                       *** ALL PRICES In  au$’s ***


A Genuinely Rare Vintage Venus 1940’s Roman Numeral Military Dial Amazing Cond;   and running strong.       Makers of Millions of chronograph movements , over decades ,   for almost all of the world’s leading watch companies  ~  Yet sourcing Venus branded watches with Venus branded dials is not an easy task by any means!

Great value for money  @   au$790.    Although equal to many of the ‘other brands’  that has the same Venus movements in them ,   this quality watch is around Half of what the “same watch”  with a more known Brand name but exact same movement would sell for.

I would even guesstimate  that nearly most vintage watch collectors would not be aware of the fact that Venus did produce , market & sell to the public their own fully branded watches.   Though mainly known in contemporary times as makers of fine quality innovative chronograph movements  over a long period of time.      They were in fact producers & marketers of fine quality mens & womens watch for many decades ,   starting at the beginning of the 20thC  and still running strong today!

Perhaps realising that their fortunes were to lay  in fact in concentrating on designing & creating fine quality chronograph & other movements ,  in large numbers ,   for other well established companies.     They continued marketing their own lines of watches ,  whilst making large numbers of movements for numerous other watch companies.

Though to source one from the early 1940’s with a Roman numeral military dial and with the dial in 100% untouched original condition will be very difficult indeed.  Remembering that condition is extremely important when assessing any vintage watch.    To find one that ticks All of the  ‘above boxes’  &  is in near equal condition …. with a price below  au$790 ,    I’d say Good Luck.

Our good fortune ,  is being passed onto our customer/s via the crazy price on this Quality Vintage Venus 1940’s Roman Numeral Military Dial Amazing Cond;  gents watch.

A red tipped long seconds sweep floats in constant movement over the amazingly clean & almost new looking dial ,  which is guaranteed to be 100% as it was made.  The lens has significant small scratching & has blurred the appearance of the dial in many of the attached images.    The lens is currently being replaced  & fresh photo’s will be added when returned.

Yet let me assure you   ~   the dial surface & paint work  is nothing short of exceptional!     The dial on this Vintage Venus 1940’s Roman Numeral Military Dial Amazing Cond;  must be amongst the very best that I have seen ,   in as much ….  a watch from the 1940’s with original dial being in amazing condition.

Once the lens is replaced ,   then you will see what I can see with a jeweller’s loupe & the watch in hand.   This really is a fantastic early 1940’s ww2 period manual wind gents watch   ~   made by one of the world’s best watch movement makers of all time  ~  Venus!

Naturally the gold filled / st.steel case has signs that it is a vintage watch & has actually been worn during it’s 75 years of life!!  A couple of minor spots of gold loss with  tiny ‘scratch’  marks noticeable under magnification.   Approx;  33 mm’s plus crown this can be regarded now as a uni sex watch ,  suitable for both men or ladies.

Not being an ideal watch for men with large wrists or those that prefer contemporary size dinner plates on their wrists  ~  yet with women’s fashions previously dictating that ‘boyfriend watches’  were uber cool ….. now most women prefer larger size watches than they once did.

A very stylish watch with an obvious vintage aesthetic ,  this Rare Vintage Venus 1940’s Roman Numeral Military Dial Amazing Cond;   has a great vintage character that appeals to almost all collectors & admirers of true vintage watches .    Please email if you have any questions that you may like to ask    ~    Yet  @  au$790 ,  I would not wait too long on this one!