Wakmann Britax Chronograph 1950’s Oversize 38mm Case


An especially good vintage Wakmann Britax Chronograph 1950’s Oversize 38mm case in fine original condition.  Fully serviced and keeping remarkably accurate time ~ with a ‘chronometer grade 5 seconds per day gain’ !
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This is a quality Wakmann Britax Chronograph 1950’s Oversize 38mm Case……. a reliable and handsome true vintage watch!

Just fully serviced {May 2018} by a highly experienced watchmaker and is keeping remarkably accurate time with a 5 seconds per day gain!
Excellent time keeping for a non quartz  ~  better than many Rolex officially certified chronometer watches ,  literally!

With this Wakmann being the a large  38.5 mm’s  w.o.c.   ~   which is about as big as most chrono’s of the day came {not all but most},

We have some superb early chronographs at present and we encourage you to check some of those as well. 

Wakmann was the United States largest retailer & wholesaler of wristwatches {& pocket} with complications {chronographs , , moonphase amongst others].   They were major suppliers to almost all American Govt; Departments that required such time pieces ,  in particular the U.S. Armed Forces.    
Surprisingly ,  they also supplied several other nations armed forces with such watches.  They did not make watches.  
They sold watches and had input into certain design aspects etc but they did not make watches.

This handsome Vintage Wakmann Britax Chronograph 1950’s oversize 38mm Case  is all quality ,  in especially good condition , all original ,  just about to be fully cleaned & serviced with complimentary warranty added.

The condition of the case in ‘near new’ and all original , never been polished and is an especially solid stainless steel case.  
All stainless steel , extremely solid , sturdy  &  very well made!   

Original pencil hands , register hands , dial surface , case , round pushers & crown  &  of course the  “heartbeat”  being a mint Landeron Cal;248 is also in fantastic aesthetic and functioning condition!

To the ever increasing amount of misinformed collectors who may believe that only column wheel movements keep good time ,  perhaps this 5 seconds per day Landeron may and hopefully will make you reconsider such flawed thinking!

Round pushers , original crown and sold with our complimentary warranty ……. for the buyers peace of mind.

Running as close to as perfectly as you will ever get in a 65 year old non chronometer graded chronograph and when combined with its great looks and original condition …………. this watch offers genuine value in every sense!

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