WW2 DOXA Over Size Anti Magnetic Black Dial 36m Watch


A handsome WW2 DOXA Over Size Anti Magnetic Black Dial 36m Watch from 1943 with Army time & civilian time dial is in 100% original & extra fine condition! 


With this WW2 DOXA Over Size Anti Magnetic Black Dial 36m Watch looking as good as it does ,  it wouldn’t be too hard to think it had been restored!

Fortunately this handsome Doxa remains in 100% Original condition & has not been ‘molested’ in any way and remains in 100% original condition!

Being 36 mm’s  w.o.c. ,  this stunner is a great size vintage watch for a black dial , time only,  WW2 period watch   ~  as many models of this period and genre are 32 , 33 and 34m watches.

This amazing Doxa actually presents larger than the 36 mm’s ,  due to the all black dial continuing to the dials edge & an especially narrow bezel  ~  gives the strong impression that the watch is 38 + mm’s.
It really does present as a larger watch!

Quality watches made during WW2 ,  of 36 mm’s or larger , with original black dials , are relatively rare as ‘time only’ watches.
More ‘common’  in chronographs or smaller cased watches  ~  36 mm w.o.c.  cased black dialed , quality branded time only examples are not common by any means.

The handsome dial is beautifully scripted with clear easy to read font.
Having both ‘civilian time and military time’ to the beautifully marked dial is always a highly popular feature on any WW2 or even WW1 watch and the font on this watch is about as good as you will ever see on any watch of this genre!

The pic’s show some reflection in some shots ,  there are no ‘white marks’ to the dial and it remains in especially fine condition!

This WW2 DOXA Over Size Anti Magnetic Black Dial 36m Watch from 1943 is definitely worthy of serious consideration & is an outstanding example of 1940’s WW2 Black Dial military watch that has survived both the wars years and the preceding 70+ years to today far better than most!

The original hands are sans lume and look great with the sub seconds dial also retaining it’s original sweep hand.

The addition of a strap that suits your tastes will change the overall appearance of the watch to some degree ,  although the new and good quality ‘NATO strap’ does actually look quite good with this watch ,  yet others may disagree of course.

Signed in three places ,  dial , movement and inner case back …… this watch is 100% original and is not ‘made up’ from 2 or 3 watches ,  as so many on today’s market are!

A quality watch , by a highly regarded Swiss maler  ~  from the WW2 period that still remains in original & very fine condition is not easy to find in 2018   ~   yet to find watches such as this fine quality …  truly handsome 1943  WW2 DOXA Over Size Anti Magnetic Black Dial 36m watch and of a rarely seen model ……. is becoming much harder as each year passes bye and have become highly sought after commodities …… world wide!

Please feel free to email if you have any questions or would like to purchase this handsome WW2 Doxa and we will respond in a timely manner.