WW2 Enicar Military Dial Men’s Winder Watch Absolute Vintage Perfection


A  WW2 Enicar Military Dial Men’s Winder Watch Absolute Vintage Perfection is an apt title for this stunner!  In absolute exceptional condition ,  the best I have ever seen for a watch of this age!



This WW2 Enicar Military Dial Men’s Winder Watch Absolute Vintage Perfection is an exceptional gents wristwatch in many aspects!

Not the least being the simply stunning condition of the entire watch ,  yet especially the “Killer Dial”   ~   Perfection achieved.

Quality bracelet , perfect , original , hands & seconds sweep , dial surface & the entire watch  ………….  including the mint movement ……….  all original & all in literally perfect vintage condition !!!

Founded in 1913/1914 by Ariste Racine, who with “Enicar” reversed ,  gives the letters in his name in order to differentiate his company from an already registered “Racine” brand. They made men’s and women’s watches which were soon exported internationally. Particularly popular was a wristwatch with a compass embedded in the case ,   these not surprisingly,  did well with soldiers during WWI.

The Enicar brand gradually came to focus on sports watches geared toward active persons. Following a Swiss expeditions in the Himalayas in 1956, wherein mountaineers were supplied with Enicar wristwatches, the company created a new line of “Sherpa” wristwatches, marketed toward would-be explorers and adventurers. The following year, an Enicar wristwatch was attached to the rudder of a seafaring vessel which crossed the Atlantic, the Mayflower II.

It’s superb performance under these conditions led to the release of a new line of dive-watches. Such marketing techniques were helpful, and Enicar found global success yet particularly in the Asian & south east Asian markets.

For a more detailed history of both Racine & Gallet {the World’s Oldest Watch Company  ~  with both companies history being entwined}  Please Visit  …..

Jules Racine attempted to make a “perfect yet plain though stylish dial in a solidly built case , with one of his quality movements  ~  that would last longer then the wearer ,  whilst remaining in excellent functioning & aesthetic condition”   ~   There can be No argument that with this watch  …..  he totally succeeded !!

Further details to follow shortly ,  as we wanted to get this one “live”  asap ,  some eye candy for the devoted watchies!

The dial and indeed the entire watch ,  is in absolutely amazing condition & guaranteed to be  100% Original  !!!

Have a close look at the many , many images that we have supplied for You {some 16 or 17 , yes …. on a “relatively inexpensive vintage watch even} to enable you to make a totally informed decision ….. even better than if the watch was being handled in person!!!     As more than likely you would not be able to see the movement & other aspects in such clear close up viewing as you can here!

The dial , for the period & style ,  is in my opinion  ~  Perfection !    Not only the dial condition but also the design as well.
No bells & whistles ,  no over decoration ,  just restrained style & class in perfect 75 year old condition  …….  you will Never see a watch dial of this period in better condition than this Stunning  WW2 Enicar Military Dial Men’s Winder Watch Absolute Vintage Perfection !!

Yes ,  it is That good  ……..  as is the price that this rare beast can be bought for !

Running amazingly well and timed with 8 Seconds+/-  a day ……. better than a cpl of Rolex chronometers that Ive been timing it with !!!!

Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y.   ALL the way through with this stunner !!

Regardless of how one views / see’s  this exceptional Enicar   ~   There can be No room for debate on the simply exceptional condition of the entire watch ……. there is not One 1940’s watch in the world in better condition ,  regardless of the brand … Yes ,  including Patek Philippe , Rolex , Omega etc etc …………. as it is literally impossible for any 70+ year old watch to be in better condition than this Enicar ,  Impossible!
If you have any questions regarding this fantastic 33.5m approx;  Gents WW2 Enicar Military Dial Men’s Winder Watch Absolute Vintage Perfection …..  please feel free to email at any stage.