Considering Selling Antique Jewellery, Vintage Watches?

Do You want Top $’s  when Considering Selling Antique Jewellery, Vintage Watches?

Then read on …

Deal with people that know their industry, inside & out.
Deal with those that know & understand what they are viewing.
Deal with those that actually know what your item is worth & aren’t guessing … as when people guess,  they guess low.
By knowing & understanding fine items, we are able to sell them for their real values & therefore we are prepared to Pay You More for your Fine Quality Antique Jewellery or Vintage Watch than the majority of “other options” available!


Considering Selling Antique Jewellery, Vintage Watches?

With some people stating that we have offered 50% and 100% more than the best offer, especially from ‘another Hobart outlet’, is it any wonder that we are known as “The Go To Place” when selling fine antique jewellery, gold jewellery & vintage watches (& more) in Australia!

Please email for a confidential discussion regarding achieving top $’s for your Antique Jewellery or Vintage Watches, regardless of where you are located!

With decades of industry experience and an extremely broad knowledge base, you can rest assured that your fine piece “will be recognized and understood” and with our 30 years of contacts, there is a good chance that we will know “how and where to achieve absolute top results” for your special item/s for you & therefore pay you more when buying from you!

We are always interested in the Outright Purchase of fine items and we actually encourage you to get as many offers as you like before contacting to us.
We are Australia’s Pre 1980’s Vintage Watch Specialist & are always happy to consider buying vintage watches from all over Australia!
We provide a streamlined service to help you achieve Top Dollar$ for your vintage watch & suggest that you email or call to discuss your vintage watch or antique jewellery!
You will struggle to get better service or better prices in Australia!


We do NOT offer a consignment service anymore  ~  Yet are always happy to consider purchasing your fine vintage watches &/or your quality antique jewellery!
Sell Your Fine & Valuable Items for the Best Price  ~  Not scrap gold price as most pay you!
And remember, very rarely will auction prices in Australia return you more than we will pay you!


CONTACT Hobart Town Antique Jewellery & Vintage Watches when Considering Selling Antique Jewellery, Vintage Watches.

For a confidential discussion on how to achieve the Highest Possible Prices for your fine quality items  ~  email for a prompt reply.
Please use the ‘Contact Us’ form at the top of each page & we will respond promptly!


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