Hobart Town Vintage Watches & Antique Jewellery

Starting in the antiques industry in N.S.W. Australia during the early 1980’s and having dealt in a huge variety of antiques and decorative arts over the following decades, the man behind Hobart Town Antique Jewellery has been passionate about the industry and in particular his ‘stock in trade’  over the past 3 decades.

Having established an extremely broad and detailed knowledge over several genres’, Nicholas says “without doubt, it is the pieces that keep me going”.
Having a deep seated affinity and passion for fine antique &  vintage jewellery, decorative art’s and of course  fine vintage watches (as well as several other genres of dec art’s),  it is “the thrill of the chase”  that turns the wheels ,  what ‘new gem’  will present itself next ,  type of thing.

I still, after more than 30 years, never cease to be amazed at some of the “items” made by extremely talented and dedicated men and women over the past 300 years (the period most of my interests lay in)  ~  even up until the 1960’s  with some vintage watches of that decade.

Through  passion,  knowledge gained, a ‘natural eye’  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery & Vintage Watches are  a “must check” website  for when you are looking for that special piece or special gift  ~  at  some of Australia’s Best Prices … Literally!

So join the every growing number of  astute  people who have “bookmarked” or “added us to favourites”  ~  for whenever they are looking for a special yet cost effective gift or for that special piece for themselves or simply even when one may need  ‘cheering up’  via looking at some beautiful things!

We have excellent national and international contacts and we are constantly offered fine items to purchase at prices that enable us to sell to you at Genuinely Low Prices – often the best you will find anywhere in retail Australia!

You may well be amazed at some of the differences between our prices and most other capital city shops in Australia, not on every piece ~ yet on most!

Once again, check for yourself please.


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